Empress Valley Farm

 Worry-Free Care at Empress Valley Farm 

Empress focuses on building relationships in order to fully understand the needs of each individual customer and create customized, adaptable solutions.  We also realize there is more to life than riding.  As such, we pride ourselves in caring for all horses as if they were our own in order to provide peace of mind for owners when they are away from the farm.

Regular Board Rate: $650/month


  • 12x12 stalls with mats

  • Concrete aisles

  • Matted tack up areas

  • 4 wash stalls with hot and cold water

  • Access to indoor and outdoor arenas

  • Climate controlled indoor arena viewing area with WiFi

  • Trail riding available

  • Feed:  High quality Tribute grain and beet pulp 2x/day - choose the grain formulation best suited for your horse

  • Hay:  Fed at least 5x/day, premium grass hay 

  • Supplements:  Fed at no extra charge, Smartpak recommended.  Cocosoya oil is available for an additional $15/month. 

  • Blankets:  No extra charge for routine blanketing/blanket changes.  A blanket washing service is available for an additional fee. 

  • Stall cleaning:  Stalls are picked 2x/day, ample kiln dried pine shavings are provided

  • Water:  Water changed out daily and topped off several times per day.  Built-in insulated water bucket holders ensure water will not freeze. 

  • Fans: Each stall has it's own ceiling fan which provides excellent circulation and air flow.

  • Turnout:  Horses are turned out daily, weather permitting.  We have over 15 paddocks and pastures available for turnout. 

  • Veterinarian/Farrier services:  complimentary scheduling and facilitation of services.  Owners are always welcome to be present, but we'll be there if you cannot. 

  • Trainers onsite 7 days/week.  Owners live onsite.  Dedicated maintenance staff.

  • Bathroom/shower facilities.

  • Tack Storage:  Each boarder is provided with a secure space for their saddle and bridle in the tack room, along with a personal cabinet.  Space for a tack trunk is also provided.   

All regular boarders at EVF are

required to utilize a minimum of $125 in training services each month.