2012 National Finals Champions, Upper School

2013, 2018 National Finals Reserve Champions, Upper School

Interscholastic Equestrian Association

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About IEA

IEA introduces students in private and public middle and secondary schools (primarily ages 11 through 19) to equestrian sports.  The unique aspect of these competitions, both at the local and national level, is that none of the riders supply their own horses or tack.  Scores are based upon horsemanship and equitation.  A variety of levels from beginner through advanced are offered. 
For additional details:   http://www.rideiea.org

Empress Equestrian Team

The IEA season runs from August through April and most riders participate in 5 shows per season.  Interested in joining the team?  Contact us!

All  IEA riders must participate in the weekly lesson program at Empress Valley Farm to be eligible to compete on the team.  Click here to see the cost of the IEA program at EVF.